Los Parceros play a selection of the best music from Latin America and Spain, from Traditional/Folkolric music to more contemporary styles, using a variety of instruments such as spanish nylon string guitars, cajon, ukuleles, guiro, guacharaca, bongos and other percussion instruments. The band is made up of Abe Dunovits on string instruments and Julian Guzman on percussion. Originally from Argentina and Colombia respectively, both musicians create authentic music without the aid of electronic devices, just like you would see it and hear it on any street corner in Latin America. The sound of the cajon can be compared to that of a Drumkit, but softer. They blend seamelessly with Guitars. The 8 string Ukulele has a sound that is very close to a Charango and to a Cuban Tres guitar. Abe and Julian have both experience in a number of musical genres such as Latin, Rock and African. Let them take you on a journey of musical genres that include Cha Cha, Cuban Son, Cumbia, Merengue and Spanish Rumba among others.

Just recently, they have added the awesome piano talents of Vashti Sivell, who is originally from Sydney having lived and worked in Melbourne for some time before taking the big step of tackling the Big Apple. She played in New York for ten years in top working salsa groups, gathering experience in many different group combinations, Latin and Jazz styles as well as piano technique. She recently moved back to Melbourne and teamed up with Los Parceros. Abe has jumped to another instrument he loves, the bass, while still on lead vocals. Vashti also helps him with backing vocals.

Come and enjoy our delicious food, amazing cocktails and wines, and great vibe every Saturday night and eat, drink and dance the night away!

The show starts at 8:30pm and is free for guests who are dining with us.

April 19 @ 18:30
6:30 pm