There is a Brazilian expression that says: ‘A Baiana is not born, a Baiana debuts’, and a better one: ‘What is it this Baiana has got?’.
Baiana is a person born in Bahia – Brazilian Northeast State. Dany Maia although, innate Baiana, yet at home, debuted very early in the music industry and now brings to Australia what she’s got.

Dany Maia started off her career at the age of 15 and performed alongside important artists of her homeland, such as Margareth Menezes and Timbalada. Percussive rhythms like Samba, Samba-reggae, Axe, Afro and Forró shook Dany’s leg and made her travel around Brazil, Portugal and Spain as a professional dancer. A few years later, her passion for this same music inspired her to remain on stage, but now as a singer.

Singer Dany Maia first started playing at friends’ gigs, then as a solo artist at bars and other venues in the nightlife of Salvador, Bahia’s capital. Her promising career managed her some invitations to lead a few bands, when she performed at the famous Carnivals of both Sao Paulo and Salvador. In 2004, she produced and released her first promo album, Danielle Maia Ao Vivo, where four out of the twelve tracks are originals.

Dany Maia merged all of those percussive rhythms with the classic (Bossa Nova) and the pop (Samba) of Brazil’s tunes, making of her music the same as the place where she comes from: a cultural melting pot.

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