Mezcal Tasting

By fortuitous events, Tequila enjoys worldwide acceptance, now most of us can recognize it, talk about it, and party with it! but you will be surprised to know that since Pre-Columbian times Mezcal has been the main drink for the indigenous people, referred to as ‘ The Drink for the Gods’
Even contemporary Mexico isn’t as aware of the origins and vast use of ‘Maguey’ (the plant from which you produce this divine spirit)
Mezcal is still a great unknown – we’re going to change that!  Armed with a team of Mexican and Australian experts in the field, we are preparing everything you need to become familiar with and fall in love with this elixir.
Very much in the style of a wine tasting, you will have the opportunity to taste four Mezcales, with charming stories and explanations without being overwhelmed, quite the contrary!  It’s all about sharing and celebrating.
Join us on this journey through your palate.

Who knows, you may find another party companion!



30 Nov 2022


8:00 pm


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