Are you looking for the perfect place to host your next party?

Vamos offers a unique experience – dining, drinks and dancing all in the one venue!

We are a Latin American restaurant/bar with a private dining area (for groups of 40+) or a shared dining area for smaller groups and have live bands on weekends.

To start off the night, let our chef cook you a delicious 6 course dinner. We can cater to all dietary requirements. 

For drinks – we have an amazing range of wines and cocktails from Spain, Latin America and more. 

Start your night with a round of sangria or margaritas!  Drinks packages are also available for larger groups.

And as the night winds on, get ready for our live music and let the party begin! 

Join the rest of our guests for a boogie on the dance floor! 

Check the upcoming events link in the menu to see what’s on over the next few months.

“Michelle’s hen’s party at Vamos was just perfect! Tom and his team made the night extra special and we all loved the food, the drinks, and of course the dancing!” Bianca Reagan, Maid of Honour

“I held my 40th at Vamos and it was AMAZING! Everything was perfect from the venue to the service to the food. Thanks again guys for a GREAT night!” Juliette McMahon

“I organised my friend’s hen’s night at Vamos and everybody was soooooo happy! We had our own room, the food was delicious, the service was extra friendly and the drinks (esp. the sangria) were amazing. We all had an absolute ball!” Georgia Graham  

Finding the Best Function Rooms Melbourne.

Planning an event in Melbourne? Perhaps you want to celebrate your engagement with your better half or better yet say “I do” in a colorful wedding; or hold a birthday party with only a select people invited. Maybe it’s a function for your school or a corporate event where you want to advertise your brand. Well, for whatever reason your event might be, you need to find outstanding function rooms Melbourne.

But hey! It’s not always that easy, especially considering that there are plenty of function venues Melbourne, with each coming with specific features to suit specific events. You see, when it comes to your selections, the venue can make or break your event. You might have the staff, awesome food and catering options, and fantastic equipment and music systems, but if the venue is not suitable for your attendees, no one will have a pleasant experience.

To help you learn about function room hire Melbourne, we are going to cover a few topics, from. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate event or any social event, it’s time you made it memorable!

Finding Best Function Venues Melbourne – Top Tips!

When picking the right function room, you don’t just hire any that you come across, no! You have to keep several things in mind if you want to land a great venue for your event. Here are some guidelines to help you make the ultimate decision:

  • Location

First things first! Where exactly do you want your event to be? Do you prefer pubs with function rooms Melbourne for your birthday party or a more reserved venue in Melbourne CBD for a corporate event? You see, you need a location that’s not only convenient for you but also for the attendees. The distance from their work places or homes has to be reasonable and if it must be in the outskirts of Melbourne then near an Airport would be idea (for those who are coming from other states).

  • Capacity

How many people do you expect in your event? 200? 500? More? There’s no way you will try and squeeze, say 500 people, in a room that can only accommodate 400, even when the size of the room appear bigger. Every attendee has to feel comfortable and the room has to have extra space in order to comply with the standards set for fire and safety codes in Melbourne. And yes, the capacity also helps you determine how much food you will have the catering services prepare as well as the amount of beverages needed. If the number of guests is not very high you can choose small function rooms Melbourne that are built to accommodate 100 people or less.

  • Parking

Does your venue have ample parking? Are there more parking lots nearby that are easily accessible? Don’t leave anything to chance. Whether you are inviting party goers for a birthday party or your close friends and family for an engagement party, remember to check if the parking area can accommodate everyone. Don’t make any assumptions, even if you are looking for private function venues Melbourne.

  • Services and amenities

These are some of the most crucial factors that should be on the top of your list, and for a good reason. If the guests are going to have dinner or lunch, then there have to be a kitchen or a dedicated catering service specifically for your event. In most cases, you will find that most hotels or restaurants offering function venues will include this offer in their package, requiring you to pay a down payment for each attendee. Whether you choose to go with their offer or seek your own catering services, it’s important to check out their food options in advance for a better experience.

When it comes to the amenities, we are talking about things such as chairs, tables and lines. Ask around if these amenities will be offered or are part of the package. Don’t forget to enquire about the AV capabilities as well as projectors, especially if you intend to hold a corporate event.

  • Layout

Whatever reason you are finding unique function rooms Melbourne, you need to have the layout in mind. As you narrow your selections, go ahead and get an illustrated plan of the floor, keeping in mind the flow of traffic and your event activities. Some of the layout options you can consider include:

    • Theater layout: This option is great for presentations and corporate functions Melbourne. The seating style of attendees mimics that of a theater, with chairs either arranged in rows or in herringbone facing the podium or speaker.
  • Classroom Layout: This seating is somewhat similar to the theater layout, but it involves more on creating rows and isles, including additional tables. This is best for functions where people need to take notes, have breakout sessions or use their laptops.
  • Boardroom Layout: Yes, your guess is as good as ours! This is a classic meeting room that involves larger conference tables, where attendees seat on all sides or just three sides if there’s a presenter. This layout is best for the smaller and more intimate meetings where face to face interaction is needed. This could best suit group meetings of interviews, team briefings, short presentations and bridal parties.
  • U-Shaped Layout: Just as the name suggests, this layout comprises of rectangular tables that are arranged in a U shape, with seats positioned on the outside. This kind of room layout is best for small group meetings where attendees are required to participate with the presenter.
  • Crescent or Half Moon Layout: This is the kind of layout you will see in luncheons, award ceremonies or presentations. It involves arranging various tables and seats to face one direction.
  • Banquet Layout: This is perhaps the most popular layout because it’s commonly used in parties, baby showers, galas, and weddings. The tables and chairs are arranged in a way that the guests are seated for dining purposes. And since some of the attendees would have their backs facing the stage, the layout is used in occasions where speakers aren’t the main focus.
  • Imperial Layout: This is another great layout for entertainment and dining events. It involves rectangular tables that are placed creatively end to end, creating a long communal table. It could be a great wedding layout too because it creates a sleeker and cleaner look, saving lots of space.
  • Cocktail or Reception Layout: Unlike all other layouts, this one is less structured. It involves fewer chairs and around 30-inch tables in order to encourage attendees to walk around and interact with other guests. It’s best for mingling and networking events.

Ambience of our function rooms:

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to hold a small group event or a sophisticated function – the décor inside the venue has to be on point! Does the décor in the function room convey anything? Is it suitable for your gala or wedding? You see, restaurants with function rooms might be great for parties and birthdays, but when it comes to bigger gatherings, they might not be up to game. Let the desired feeling of your event be well replicated by matching ambience, and if it’s not that great, decorate it to make up for the lost part.

  • Acoustics

Imagine attending an event with poor acoustic causing your to keep on straining in order to hear others, all in a single night? It must be horrifying. If the venue has a low ceiling, it will seem a bit cozy for the guests, but very loud if it is packed. On the other hand, a venue with high ceiling – a large warehouse-style – will have echo or reverberations. If your event involves a lot of music and dancing, go for the appropriate rooms, and the same case applies if it doesn’t.

  • Budget

The budget is perhaps the mother of all factors to consider when searching for function venues Melbourne CBD or its outskirts. You see, everything in your list involves money. If it’s the location, more convenient places to access tend to be a bit pricier. If it’s the catering services, more food and beverages will mean high cost, and so on. Keep your budget limit in mind and visit several locations to negotiate a good price for the venue. Ask if some stuff can be included in the package and ask those that aren’t important to be excluded. For instance, you don’t need a music system if you just want to do a small presentation or an interview.

Reasons Why Searching for Function Rooms Early Works Best

We didn’t cover time in the previous section because it’s an entirely different topic that needs to be given more weight. Anyone who has had to plan for an even can agree that last minute plans mess up everything. The earlier you start searching for a function room Melbourne, the better. You will be more organized and ensure that all your plans fall into place for a successful event.

But why should you start your search early enough? We have some reason!

  • Have a plan B and Possibly a Plan C

What if some things changed before the date of the event? What if the caterer pulled out or more attendees confirm and your venue can’t accommodate everyone? Well, if you planned early, you will be able to have an alternative plan and perhaps get another venue well ahead of time. Give yourself more time to avoid any hiccups and for the much-needed peace of mind.

  • Objectives are Met

Think about it: anything could go wrong if you rush to meet the stakeholders on the day of the event. The location where your plan to hold the event has to be clean and well organized and everyone has to know their responsibilities and roles. This, certainly, can’t be done in the last minute. By planning and getting your function room early, you are able to define your objectives and meet them early.

  • Get Better Turnout Rate

If you are hoping to get a large number of attendees, perhaps for your brand awareness event, you need to send invitations early enough. We are talking about months in advance, if most people will respond. And do you know what this means? Getting the function room early enough, so that you can include all details in the invitations.

  • Better Quality of your Event

If you begin all the planning early, focusing on the finer details as the event approaches will be possible. All those small factors involved will not skip your mind. If the venue your hire doesn’t offer flowers are part of the decoration package, you will get them well ahead of time. You will do all the special touches before the first guest arrives.

Conclusion – How to find the best function venue in Melbourne:

Finding the best function rooms Melbourne can be quite a task if you don’t know some of the factors to consider. You want your event to be outstanding and memorable, whether it’s a gala, wedding, baby shower, corporate event, or even a presentation meeting. As a general rule of thumb, start your planning early and visit various function rooms for hire in Melbourne CBD and further away. This helps you get everything right and possibly get great discounts. As you narrow down your options, keep in mind the guests who are attending, and not necessarily yourself. Pick a location that’s convenient for them, a place with ample packing and enough seating capacity, and of course perfect ambience.