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We Want to Thank you for your Support with FREE Margaritas, Sangria, or Churros! Choose your treat!

Times have been tough for all of us, that’s why we want to shout a freebie with every order to say thank you for ordering at Vamos Restaurant through the LOOP app. 

Loop is an ordering app that DOES NOT CHARGE COMMISSIONS, and customers get rewards! It’s a win-win 🙂

Just download the app now and visit Vamos Restaurant



Use the Loop App to place your order NOW! 

Why Loop? 

– No commissions for restaurants (great for us and the hospo industry!)

– Only uses biodegradable packaging (great for the environment)

– Gives you freebies and cash back on every purchase (great for you!)

Just download the app and visit Vamos Restaurant to claim your free Margarita, Sangria, or Churros RIGHT AWAY! 

We are open from Friday to Sunday from 5pm to 9pm.

Otherwise, feel free to order over the phone by calling 0430 345 336 and check out our menu here.

Unfortunately no freebies for phone orders! Sorry 🙁 

Check out some of our tasty dishes below:

Bechamel croquettes $12

Patatas Bravas $10

Meatballs $15

Char-grilled broccoli $12

Chicken skewers $12

Meat or Veg Taco Packs (6 or 12)

Beef brisket $25

Pork ribs and chimichurri $25

And many more dishes, Spanish wines, beer, and cocktails!