Enjoying Pre-Theatre Dinner in Melbourne’s Finest Restaurants 

Did you know that eating healthy meals and snacks at regular intervals helps keep you blood sugar at a steady level? What’s more, eating a great evening meal before you hit in that favourite musical show will continuously fuel your body to keep your moods boosted up all throughout the show.

It doesn’t go unnoticed how much Melbourne is a lively city with great shows. We are talking about the likes of Harry Potter, the Book of Mormon, Muriel’s Wedding, Sasha, Velour, es bishop Elgorithm and the Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Do they ring a bell?

Well before you hit that show, Melbourne presents very exclusively classy, ambient pre theatre dinner restaurants. You will definitely get entertained by the well-crafted culinary performance.

Let’s take a look at some great places for that pre-theatre dinner Melbourne. You will love them!

Restaurants near Her Majesty’s Theatre, the Princess Theatre, and The Comedy Theatre:

Finding a good restaurant can be quite an intimidating task, but what’s harder is, finding a great restaurant with a great pre theatre menu before you make your way to that great show in Her majesty’s theatre, the Comedy Theatre, or the Princess Theatre. There is such a wide selection of places to choose from!

Our Picks:

1. Vamos Melbourne 

That’s us! Of course, on the top of our list of great pre-theatre restaurants in Melbourne is Vamos. We offer a delicious range of Spanish and Latin American Tapas. Come and try our baby octopus tostadas, our chorizo croquettes and also our delightful slow cooked brisket. We have more than just tapas to offer, and every weekend offer a range of live Spanish and Latin American bands to accompany your meal. Find us at 1st floor, 37 Little Bourke St Melbourne.

2. Yamato

Lined up along 28 Corrs Ln in Melbourne, Yamato is a site to see. This Japanese restaurant will exceed your expectations with their Agadashi Tofu to start your pre theatre menu. This is one of those restaurants that you hear about, put on top of your list and end up crashing there every week because you can get enough of their delicacies. Looking into trying something different, something Japanese before you hit the theatre with a bang? Give this a shot.

3. HuTong Dumpling Bar

What rings in your mind when you hear about that ‘xiao long bao’, you know that juicy dripping sweetness? Well, probably you are engulfed with reverie as you imagine the goodness that comes along with it. That’s just how good HuTong Dumpling bar gets. Planning something special, something Chinese, and something hot that will leave your taste-buds dancing all the way to that great Elgorithm show that you can’t miss? Well ask the Melburnians. Find your way to this Pre theatre dinner Melbourne joint on the 14-16 market lane.

4. Tipo 00

If you are going to have to enjoy that show at her Majesty’s theatre, then you best prepare yourself with a good pre theatre menu at Tipo 00. So are you wondering what this place has to offer? Have you tried that squid ink pasta, or that Gnocchi? To be honest if you love diverse foods, or are a culinary fanatic then this is the place for you. Upon your first entry to this ambient place, your three course meal of choice will be their signature.

5. Bomba

Ring a bell? Just as the name suggest, this is a rooftop restaurant which brings you the opportunity to experience the best of Melbourne’s nightlife or the blue skies engulfed with dazzling stars as you dig in into that pre theatre dinner. Situated on 103 Lonsdale Street, boasts one of the best views of the Melbourne city making it a favorite selection for that Dinner date, or casual hangout. Be elevated to the 5th floor of the Bomba cocktail bar restaurant and risk smiling all the way to your crib.

6. Mezzo

Looking for an intimate atmosphere, great customer service packed with delicious meals? Make sure you visit the Mezzo. Plan your dinner in Mezzo, and be drenched in their authentic eggplant parmigiana, or the decadent semi-freddo. This restaurant is a guaranteed perfect place for pre-tennis dinner or pre-theatre in the great city Melbourne and be sure to enjoy your evening all the same. Its proximity to three of Melbourne’s best theatre makes it a perfect choice and what’s more is that it’s just a walking distance away. Nothing gets better than that.

Other Options:


Seafood is known to be a very rich source of proteins minerals and also vitamins. Not only that, according to seafood health organization, governments together with health experts recommend that you eat at least two seafood meals every week. Why? Who knows better about these facts than Seamstress cocktail bar and restaurant! Situated just outside 113 Lonsdale st. Seamstress will bring to you the best Pre theatre dinner experience with a selection of seafood than your wildest imaginations. You will love their soft shell crab, tofu red curry duck and top it with a fine selection of their best cocktails just a flight of stairs away.


This Iconic landmark will bring a vintage experience; a sense of Old is gold coming live at the point of entry. Renowned for its flocking visiting celebrities making a beeline, and the ambience of the splendorous lobby Windsor is like a shade of what it used to be. Its pre theatre menu set for you supersedes its glory. Great taste, overwhelming ambience and convenience all summed up into one place. If you are one of those who aren’t pleased when presented with a dilemma and prefer being presented with a specialty to try from, then Windsor is the way to go.

The Duke

Looking for a great pre theatre dining Melbourne location with sufficient dietary accommodation? One with menu alteration to suit your pre-theatre dining needs? Then The Duke is the place for you. Have an authentic dinner at a place where customer satisfaction is the driving force, a rare thing to come by in most restaurants. If you are a lover of drinks, a great selection of beers and wines is all at your disposal. Dinning late? Again this is the place to be.

Pepper Chilli

Once again here is another great Chinese Pre theatre dinner restaurant that will not disappoint. This is for those who cannot just get enough of that rich, well-crafted Chinese cuisines delivered in a three course meal. You have probably always wanted to try that shitake fried rice embellished with water chestnuts, better yet the Szechwan chilli chicken served with your favorite accompaniments, don’t hesitate to take it up with the gastronomic experts at Pepper Chilli.

Petaling Street

There are these restaurants with such great music, great food and less packed. Have few frequents always stumbling in for new specials. But then there’s this, always packed to the brim restaurants. Great food, exemplary service and mind boggling balance of ambience and atmospheric presentation. Petaling is the latter. Petaling Street no doubt meets all your pre theatre dining expectations. Situated just along the 188 little Bourke street In Melbourne, Petaling street brings you the best of golden fried Prawn topped up with crispy oats,  Hakka pork belly presented in a vintage clay pot and that special chicken that leaves you licking your fingers. Yes, all this just in Pre theatre dinner princess theatre Melbourne. Sounds too god to be true huh? Try them out.

Ruyi Modern Chinese

Set just outside 16 Liverpoole street Melbourne, Ruyi Modern Chinese restaurant has more tales to tell than restaurants. The ‘vinaigrette chilli wonton Dumplings’ that you haven’t had the chance will leave you coming back for more. Their specials don’t fall short of anyone’s expectations. Especially the Tingling prawn Tapas dressed with a kick of mild chilli. It doesn’t get better than this. That date night you have been struggling to plan all week long, well it just got served. There is no better option for a great night of laughter with a pre theatre dinner set to meet your style.

Script Bar & Bistro

Love fine dining, maybe a pre-theatre dinner with classic music and a mix of best Italian and Australian cuisines? Script Bar and Bistro will take you by surprise when you hit the floor. Set outside 140 Southbank Blvd Melbourne, this elegant restaurant tops up as one of those restaurants you visit for a cup of coffee one fine morning and you can’t stop longing for that evening when you will have a pre-theatre dinner experience with them. Yes, there’s is that great barista coffee art you are hooked onto, but the three course meal, well that one will leave you digging deeper into your pocket every other day for another meal.

The Meatball & Wine Bar

Are you a great fan of outdoor dining, especially one with a view of that sensational and blissful sunset? When it comes to a pre theatre dinner setting with all these qualities as an option to go with, then there’s no better place. This is as good as it gets for The Meatball & Wine Bar. The pistachio, those parmesan meatballs with smashed potato and white sauce, finger-licking good. Best believe it! Dining in this restaurant just got elevated to another level. The best thing about this place is that, when you think you have had it all, more cuisines are drenched in. Thinking of a favorite pre theatre dining Melbourne restaurant? Then this is the place for you.

The Crafty Squire

Looking for the perfect luncheon for you and your work colleagues? Or perhaps you are just looking for the best experience in a place with a touch of rusty design style? The crafty squire will leave you breathless. This is not just an eatery; it’s a whole new experience for those who are lovers of details when it comes to your space. Great flavor, boundless service and pronounced presentation style. Enjoy your pre-theatre dinner in a place styled to suit you dinning needs and provide you with a favorable experience throughout the show.

Italian Pomodoro Sardo

Can you remember that experience when you swung the door wide open, walked right in and the first thing you met was open arms welcoming you to that new restaurant along the busy lane? Probably not! When it comes to this Italian pre theatre dining Melbourne restaurant, Pomodoro Sardo, the formality is taken beyond anyone’s expectation. Walk right in and feel like you belong. The darkly lit, spacious and classy restaurant serving a mix variety of Sardinian cuisines across all parts of the pre-theatre dinner menu stands tall along 111 Lonsdale Street, one that is engulfed with a range of restaurants. Italian Pomodoro Sardo has earned its reputation by treating its guests with utmost courtesy creating an atmosphere of respect and alliance.

Imperial Hotel 

There’s nothing greater than an eatery with so much more to offer. When it comes to dinning at Imperial Hotel, the rooftop is an option to consider. When it comes to sheltered dinning, take up the downstairs option. Again, so much to choose from, each packed with independent pre-theatre dinning menu. Whether it is a date, or packed function, the Imperial Hotel has got every option taken care off. Three course meals with great starters like Marinated Olives, pickled onions, artichokes, chorizo… all the way to your favorite local deserts. With so much to consider from when it comes to pre theatre dining Melbourne, The Imperial Hotel is a place to consider no matter the circumstances.

Il Pom Italian Fed Square

Once in a while it doesn’t hurt to try new places where you get surprised with new cuisines. If you haven’t tried II Pom Italian Fed Square, you should.  Their cuisines served in Pre theatre dining style always hit the spot. This is just one of those places you try once and you make then you every day spot. What’s even greater is the bucket of drinks for the buddies after the hefty dinner. Expect a luscious linguine and Rigatoni all fresh and tasty to your relish. Get your crew and make your way to the Federation Square Melbourne and you will not be disappointed.