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Tostadas 10
Crisy tortilla, lettuce, pico de gallo, aioli with your choice of chorizo or palmito (v)

Nachos 11
House made corn chips, black beans, sour cream, cheese, guacamole (v/vg*)

Prawns  15
Garlic chilli  ginger marinated prawns, mixed salad, chipotle aioli

Chicken Skewers 12
Free-range marinated chicken skewers with anticucho sauce

Croquettes (vg) 10
Potatoes, creamy béchamel sauce, aioli (v)

Broccoli 10
Char-grilled broccoli with jalapeño salsa (v)

Salad 10
Iceberg lettuce, fresh herbs, roasted almonds, hibiscus flower dressing (vg/gf)

Patatas Bravas (v/gf) 10
Fried potatoes, bravas sauce, aioli

Pumpkin (v/gf) 13
Char-grilled pumpkin, guajillo, pasilla and roasted almonds, quinoa

Tacos (1) 8
Pork belly, fish, Nopal cactus, or artichokes, guacamole, salsa (gf/vg*)

Albondigas 25
Beef meatballs in rich tomato sauce

Beef  Brisket 32
Beef with agave glazed baby carrots and tomato (gf)

Barramundi 32
Barramundi, Mexican rice, green tomatillo sauce (gf)

Pork Ribs 33
Slow cooked pork ribs with Chimichurri sauce

Stuffed Chillies (v/vg) 24
Poblano Chillies stuffed with huitlacoche, sweet corn, anticuchera sauce, amaranth (v/vg*/gf)

Flan 13
Black cherry compote, condensed milk crips (gf*)

Tres Leches 13
Soaked sponge cake, coconut salted caramel, butter milk curd, malted milk crisp, hibiscus gel

Churros 13
with caramel and strawberry coulis



Traditional 18
Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Jice, Sugar Syrup

Tommy’s Margarita 20
Tequila, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar, Salt

A La Morita 20
Traditional Margarita infused with La Morita Chile

Margarita Sunrise 20
Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Grenadine

Piña Rita 22
1800 Añejo Coconut Tequila, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice

House Cocktails:

Hibiscus Mojito 20
White Rum, Hibiscus Syrup, Fresh Mint, Soda Water

Guava Pisco Sour 22
Pisco, Guava Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine, Egg White

Caipirinha de Uva 22
Cachaca, Sugar, Fresh Lime, Fresh Grapes, Prosecco

Carajillo Espresso Martini 20
Vodka, Kahlua, Licor 43, Coffee, Salted Sugar Syrup

Vamos Paloma 22
Mezcal, Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Rosemary Syrup, Soda Water

A range of delicious Mexican-inspired mocktails

Beer, Wine, Sangria
A range of Latin American and Spanish beers, wines, and sangria

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