Although Spain may be about as far from Melbourne as a country can get, there is no shortage of fantastic Spanish restaurants in Melbourne!

Are you hankering for some croquettes, some jamon, some chorizo, or some sangria?

Well, check out our list below of some of the best Spanish restaurants in town!

Vamos Melbourne

That’s us, and I hope you’ll excuse me for putting us first on the list!

Apart from our delicious Spanish tapas and wines, what really makes Vamos totally different from any other Spanish restaurant Melbourne is our live music!

From Wednesday to Sunday we have a range of amazing live Spanish bands – playing everything from jazz to gypsy flamenco – that will make you really feel like you are back in Spain!

Standout dishes: Gambas (grilled prawns) and Croquetas! And of course, our amazing sangria!

Check out our menu above and making a booking today.

Movida and Movida Next Door

When it comes to Spanish tapas Melbourne, the name that everyone knows is Movida!

Movida now has a range of different venues across Melbourne, including one right next door which is aptly named Movida Next Door. While Movida itself is very nice, I personally prefer the slightly more laid back style of Movida Next Door, and the food is equally as delicious at both.

Both of these venues are quite small – so make sure to make a booking or go at a very quiet time.

Quality ingredients prepared in a rustic, un-pretentious way make Movida’s food a real treat. Mix it with a little bit of Spanish tempranillo and you’re well on your way to culinary heaven.

I would definitely list Movida and Movida Next Door among the best Spanish restaurants Melbourne. I’ve also tried out one of their other places (Movida Aqui) but to be honest, I wasn’t as impressed. It seemed like a slightly more commercial version of the original, designed for the law firms and corporate lunches of the William St end of town.

If you’re looking for a chilled Sunday lunch, then look no further than Movida Next Door.


My next best Spanish restaurant Melbourne would have to be Añada!

Añada is located in Gertrude st in Fitzroy and like Movida and Movida next door, it’s very small and intimate. A great place to go with a date, but probably not the best place for a larger group. Again – make sure you make a booking or go at a very quiet time.

Añadas attention to detail and combination of unusual ingredients cooked in unusual ways, but with incredibly delicious results, is what makes it special. It’s quite pricey, so be prepared to spend a bit, but if you do then you’ll be well rewarded. I personally prefer the smaller dishes to the larger ones, and I think you can quite happily fill yourself up on a range of delicious tapas.

Portello Rosso

Portello Rosso is another great Spanish restaurant Melbourne CBD. If you are looking for some delicious Spanish food Melbourne, then it’s very hard to go past this traditional Spanish bar Melbourne. It’s located in a small laneway off Little Bourke St. and can easily be missed if you’re not careful, but the ambience is nice and the Spanish tapas melbourne CBD is some of the best you’ll find on the west side of Elizabeth St.

Bar Lourinha

To round off our list of Spanish tapas bars Melbourne, I am going to choose Bar Lourinha. Bar Lourinha is another cozy, intimate venue with a very unique and traditional vibe to it. The food is delicious and the service friendly – so this is definitely one of those Spanish tapas restaurants Melbourne CBD that is not to be missed.

There are numerous other Spanish restaurants in Melbourne, and I think I’ve tried most of them, but the ones above are definitely the ones that stand out for me.

They are all good for different occasions – if you want something lively and upbeat and with great music, then you can’t go past Vamos. If you want something relaxed and intimate, then maybe try one of the other ones.

Whatever you try, I hope this article has been useful and that you find some delicious Spanish food just around the corner!