Tapas: A sneak peek into the mouthwatering Spanish Tapas Melbourne

Tapas is a cuisine credited to the Spanish culture.  It is usually served cold or hot mainly in restaurants and bars. Some have it as an appetizer or a snack while in other restaurants in Spain combine different Tapas delicacies to form a full course meal.

Did you know that tapas owe its origin to pot lids/covers? The Tapas noun is derived from a verb in Spanish, Portuguese ‘to cover’. History has it that inns set up along old roman roads in Europe used to present samples of their delicacies to the fatigued travelers on the pot lids. This was the case then mainly because both the travelers and the owners of the inns could hardly read nor write.

Melbourne’s Tapas – What’s it Like?

Melbourne has some of the world’s best tapas bearing in mind that tapas owe its origin to the Spanish. While it is correct to say that there are various types of tapas cuisines served in different restaurants and bars in Melbourne, it can also be a daunting task trying to figure out which are the best restaurants and bars that have to offer the best of these tapas. Below are a few of the best restaurants to peak into should you find yourself in the great Melbourne city.

Vamos Melbourne


That’s us! Of course, on the top of our list of tapas bars in Melbourne is Vamos Melbourne. Come and try our baby octopus tostadas, our chorizo croquettes and also our delightful Peruvian ceviche. We have more than just tapas to offer, and every weekend offer a range of live Spanish and Latin American bands to accompany your meal. You can find us at 1st floor, 37 Little Bourke St. Melbourne.

Other Tapas restaurants in Melbourne: 

We like to share the love, so we’ve compiled a list of other tapas restaurants in Melbourne of you to try!


While strolling along art of Hosier Street of Melbourne city be on the lookout for Movida, a long standing tapas bar flocked with locals and visitors. Movida which tops the list of the Best tapas Melbourne CBD bars is famous for its mouthwatering pressed pork tapas, beef and filleted anchovies.

Portello Rosso

Another great add to the best tapas Melbourne cbd. This is one of those bars that you will want to put on your ‘to do’ list while in the beautiful city. Should you purpose to get the best there is then you should not miss to try the best of Portello Rosso’s grilled king prawns tapas, wagyu empanadas served with superior Spanish wines.


Are you looking into escaping the crazy madness of traffic and have a place where you can relax as you dig deep into the best tapas there is? Then Bomba will definitely take you away with their marinated lamb chops and pork jowl. Sink deep into your seat as you sip some fine sherry and enjoy the ambience of this joint.


Drop in and get well taken care of with Lona’s finest Spanish menu ranging from sliders to tacos and meat delicacies. Looking for the best place to hit it in after work with a group of friends, or as you escape from the harsh reality of your workload, then be sure to check into the top Spanish tapas Melbourne bar.

Pablo honey

From time to time we are all looking for something extra ordinary, delicacies that will take our imaginations way beyond our local experience. Pablo honey will offer you the best of Latin American tapas. Enjoy the mild pork cheeks grazed with Latinos best chilly, spring bay mussel and not to forget the squid with chorizo. Don’t forget to grab a glass of your favorite cocktail as you experience the best of Tapas bar Melbourne cbd.


Looking for a restaurant to relax, hang out with friends over diner, family members or even the perfect atmospheric getaway for date night? Anada will give you the best atmosphere alike. There a variety of delicacies drawn from South of Spain including the great manchego croquettes and patatas. The best selection of drinks and cocktails are in plenty to complement the exquisite delicacies.  Anada will satisfy all your Melbourne tapas dining needs.

Naked For Satan.

Don’t be fooled by the mere sound of the name. This right here is one of the best Melbourne tapas dining restaurant and bar in town that got dinners and winners hooked up every night. This restaurant is famed for its rotation tables that allows you to select from a range of great tapas on the menu at the comfort of your bar stool. Heard of eat first pay later, yes!. Fill your plate with your favorite tapas to your fill, and then worry later about the colored toothpicks that evidenced your appetite.

Are you a lover of great views? The rooftop bar will provide more than just comfort. Enjoy the serene view of the Melbourne’s night life with a background of smooth chilled music.

Plus 5 bar

If you Love spacious and luxurious living, lofty feel and great view of vicinity then you need to check in into Plus 5 bar. This tapas bar will meet all your expectations all in one. Enjoy the space, movement, the view of the waterfront, the classy mix of styled furniture to match your taste. Enjoy the tapas inspired globally with absolute no haste.

Robbert Burns Hotel.

The greatest way to dine is to find the most unbeatable diner and make sure you have the best there is placed on order. At Robert Burns, you don’t have to worry about all that. Your favorite tapas engulf the menu, you cannot miss that sardine or tacos tapas listed. The environment is mind boggling, accommodative yet very relaxing. Whether you are looking into finding a spot to meditate as you enjoy your favorite dish, or you are looking into finding a place to catch up with friends, as you sip your favorite brandy and top it up with that squid chorizo,Robert burns will offer you the best experience.

Naked in the sky.

Just as the name suggests, you can enjoy your great selection of tapas and ice cold bear as you sit and take it all in. The fresh air and the great view of the city of Melbourne are just unbeatable. This a great getaway place during a hot afternoon, or that warm summer night when the sky is engulfed with glistering and dazzling stars.

El Rincon

Serving a great deal of international tapas, El Ricon is famed for its Mediterranean, European and Spanish tapas which are extremely vegan friendly. Don’t feel left out if you are keeping of the meaty tapas.

Hairy little sister.

This is just but another one of the top Best tapas Melbourne cbd restaurants where you can enjoy exquisite tapas crafted to your taste. Enjoy the potato fritters and pork tapas. The dissolving taste in your mouth will be just like a party.

Whether looking for a loud bar for hype with a group of friends or a quiet restaurant with live music to sit down and enjoy the best of Melbourne’s tapas, keep in mind that Melbourne has a range of diverse restaurants serving a variety of world class tapas both free to supplement your favorite drink and others surcharged a small amount.

Making your Own Tapas – How do you do it? 

Making your own tapas can be a considerably formidable task. It’s even harder when deciding whether to hit the road and make your way to Melbourne tapas dining for those Tostadas, or roll up those sleeves and get the kitchen engulfed in tantalizing aroma from that Almendras al Pimenton. Whichever way, there are pros and cons of each. Let’s have a look at both!

Eating from home; Ingredients:

This you will strongly agree with! You have had of the aphorism that goes…’you are what you eat’.  Agreeable! Well, putting some thought into it, while preparing that great Tapas at home, you have the control to level out some ingredients that are unwanted. You know like the almonds that you probably are allergic to, the butter that makes you feel nauseated… and the list is endless.

But when choosing to hit the road and order your favorite Alcachofas al Ajillo in best tapas Melbourne cbd, your favorite spot before you get home for dinner, it becomes very difficult to determine how much of some particular ingredients have been used. You know like the oils, spices and so on. It then becomes easier to prepare your favorite Spanish Tapas from the comfort of your fully equipped kitchen.

Eating from home; Hale and hearty Options:

The stigma of ‘eating out is unhealthy’ runs deep in many hearts of Melburnians, but as true or false that maybe, there’s the aspect of higher pricing for healthy options in best tapas melbourne restaurants. This would not be the case while preparing the same kind of tapas back at home. At home, you have the luxury of opting for even healthier products for your tapas other than that which is offered at the restaurant. So why not just run to the store and be back home just in time to prepare your Tapas.

Eating Out; High value:

It is undeniable that restaurants in Melbourne are held to higher standards by the governments just like any another institution serving the public with consumables. The chefs are not only trained but examined, the food quality is checked and the facility audited. So this is a reason enough to have trust in the kind of service you receive while going for those Tapas.

Eating from home; Food allergies:

While this may be debatable, it is easier to control food allergies at home than when eating out from a Melbourne tapas dining restaurant. There are many recipes and ingredients to the wide range of tapas offered in Melbourne. For instance a particular type of tapas prepared from the same pan that was used to prepare a different food may cause allergic reactions to a sensitive customer. This happens even in instances where the chefs are aware of allergic instances and are very keen to precautions.

Eating Out; Proficient chefs:

While you may choose to cook from home, you may also want to consider your competency level. Let’s have a look at a scenario where you are indecisive about how much of the ingredients to incorporate while preparing that sardine tapas, or you are not sure how long to cook those pork cheeks. Whatever the scenario, you don’t have the experience to make that perfect Tomato Salad with Capers.

Eating from home; Options:

Going out to a restaurant limits you to what you can eat. Be it a big hotel or a mere eatery, you are always confined to the list on the menu. Think about when back at home. Free to choose independently what to include in that vegetable Tapas. Whether trying something new or just the usual recipe; whether it’s something you think you can conceive it’s all under your control.

Why Tapas? 

Many have formalities when it comes to meal times. Lunch is served at noon or early afternoon and evening meals as early as half past five all the way to 7 pm. Is that not the case? Well back in Spain, lunch meals are served during late afternoon hours while the evening meal, dinner, is served as late as from 9pm all the way to 11 pm. This calls for snacks either before the lunch meals or evening meals are served.

Since Tapas is not a starter for any meal Bars and restaurants serve a range of Tapas delicacies alongside purchased drinks before the major meals. It is typically common for some bars to serve free Tapas alongside purchased drinks.

Tapas come in a range of delicacies usually depending on the regions in Spain. In the coastal regions, the tapas will come in handy with that seafood you really adore, garnished with olives of different types. The seafood includes mackerel, sardines and at times the anchovies that are adorned with olive oil. Shifting over to the mainland, the Tapas again will include meat products like the beef, mutton, name them all.